1910. In his book, Finance Capital, Rudolf Hilferding wrote: 

"...This ideology, however, is completely opposed to that of liberalism. Finance capital does not want freedom, but domination; it has no regard for the independence of the individual capitalist, but demands his allegiance.

It detests the anarchy of competition and wants organization, though of course only in order to resume competition on a still higher level.

But in order to achieve these ends, and to maintain and enhance its predominant position, it needs the state which can guarantee its domestic market through a protective tariff policy and facilitate the conquest of foreign markets.

It needs a politically powerful state which does not have to take account of the conflicting interests of other states in its commercial policy.[23]

It needs also a strong state which will ensure respect for the interests of finance capital abroad, and use its political power to extort advantageous supply contracts and trade agreements from smaller states ; a state which can intervene in every corner of the globe and transform the whole world into a sphere of investment for its own finance capital.

Finally, finance capital needs a state which is strong enough to pursue an expansionist policy and the annexation of new colonies. Liberalism opposed international power politics, and only wanted to secure its own rule against the old forces of aristocracy and bureaucracy by granting them the least possible access to state power, but finance capital demands unlimited power politics, and this would be the case even if military and naval expenditures did not directly assure the most powerful capitalist groups of important markets, which provide in most cases monopolistic profits." Rudolf Hilferding

The three rules to remember when faced with any sort of "trouble" or aggression you might be on the receiving end of.

1. Don't be there when it happens.

2. If you can't avoid being there, do everything you can to talk, reason, argue and sneak your way out of it.

3. If you cant do that and have to fight, attack as hard and viciously as you can with no mercy and no thought of the result to your opponent.

"Evangelical Christianity, one of the world’s most suspiciously hypocritical forms of paganism dressed up as kindergarten metaphysics." Ziad Fadel - www.syrianperspective.com

"At any street corner the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face." - Albert Camus

"Liberty and democracy become unholy when their hands are dyed red with innocent blood." - Mahatma Gandhi

Estimated worth of the Rothschild Dynasty (who cover for the 13 bankster families) - 500 Trillion US.

2019 - Will the London Bankers & their neo con demons get their WWIII? Venezuela

2011 to 2019 - Syria, White Helmets the big lie.  (US and Israel wont give up that easily-they need a war!!!)

Hooray! Public opinion forces war reset.

Dispite the best efforts of the neo-liberalist pedophiles of the City of London, Washington and Tel Aviv, peace has a chance.

Who (that includes me) would have thought that many of the men and women on the street would find themselves on the side of Russia and China in preventing a world war? What is the alternative narrative from the west? There is none!

It's time to begin charging western MSM journalists with war crimes for their biased and deadly coverage of the war in Syria, the horrific latest bombing of Gaza and their past crimial action in Libya. How's Libya working out for you left wing fools now? R2P was the creation of the Edward Bernay school of right wing thinking, dressed up to make it palitable for middle class white fools like us. I get it - Late, but I get it. Do you?

First of the rank must be that propergandist from bbc (Buggering British Children) and Panorama, Paul Wood for his ridiculous fantasy inside Homs called, Homs : Journey into Hell. for a true look at what is going on, try sana-syria.com or Syria Tube to see the Wahabist/Zionist/Terrorists getting there butts, kicked.

We as human beings need a total philosophical mind reset. We were not designed to be the slaves of a self chosen elite.

2011 - The World is officially F#@Ked. Have the elite started their New World Order Bid in earnest?

Well, I'm still here. Trying to score a break like everyone. Drowning in  a whole lotta BS, hyperbole , corruption and hypocrisy. Almost all comes from the once great USA, now a Goldman Sachs/Rothschild Zionist Horror show. And almost no one in the world wants to see the train wreck approaching. Like rabbits in the head lights we head down the path to slavery and serfdom bought to you by your favourite banksters and corporations.

Remember, those to blame include ourselves. We the general public won't lift a finger to stop the rot. US, and most other Western artists and film makers don't want to see the truth. Few stand up to the arrogance and power of AIPAC and the Zionists of the USA and Israel. These elites will bring about your slavery on behalf of the Bilderberg, Rothschild and the british royal family (Captial letters left out as protest).

Fact. The CIA. M16 and Mossad and the governments that support these monsters are behind almost all the worlds violent trouble spots. These three groups specialise in False Flag Attacks to keep you frightened and willing to do whatever your corrupt leaders say. Most of us will go along provided they let us keep our SUV's and other mass produced trinkets sanctioned by those who rule us. They pay for this with YOUR taxes. They pay nothing and you pay everything including the dirty work of killing poor non white people around the world who stand up for their basic, local and . Alas most western subjects know no better and refuse to believe that their leaders have anything but their countries interests at heart. WRONG. They have only the interests of the bankster mafia's hand full of ruling families. You and I are just to be used for their gains.

The US Government and the great hope the "1984 War is Peace" fraud, Obama, just a front for the evil corporations and greatest murderers on earth today, have only the elites interests at heart.  The left have never been such a bunch of pathetic fools, allowing intervention by killing, believing what the Mass Media tells them and refusing to see the propaganda that is destroying the world today.

Am I wrong? Can you prove to yourself that the main stream has the general population's well being at heart? Really?

Okay that's my rant for the year. Enjoy the radiation fall out from Fukushima. Remember there is really no safe limit of radiation exposure. Depleted uranium from Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya will circle about over Israel and Europe but your cancer rates will be explained away. Or will you believe the rot that radiation is good for you. The elite are laughing at you. Only we can wipe the smile of their faces by having them charged with crimes against humanity.

2011. The Year For Rothschilds/CIA/Mossad asymetric warfare and its desperate attempt to install it's new world order. First by stealing the wealth of Libya and then by trying to destablise the whole middle east, using its CIA, Mossad, MI6 agents and it private armed forces in the form of Fascist NATO. Arab Spring is just a Rothschild, mossad controlled movement to maintain the status quo not give real peace and democracy to the middle east. Saudi Arabia is far more brutal and repressive than Libya or Syria could ever be. But, they're our friends, aren't they, US government?

2012. Here comes more war, chaos, murder, theivery, rape and general all round evil. Not from Arabs or Islam but from Israel, its war dog, the USA, with bankrupt UK, France and their Rothchild Zionist Bankers to profit from all of this horror. First in 2012 will be Syria, so that Lebanon can be invaded and owned by Israel, then Iran, a country that has invaded no one in over 300 years. Israel may even try to occupy the Sinai in Egypt again.  

Almost everything you are hearing, seeing or reading about the Middle East and Africa in the micro-managed, corporate, mainstream media led by Rupert Murdock is FALSE.

Soon a new false flag operation will be launched against Europe or the US and it will magically be traced and blamed on Iran. Obama and his cronies have gone insane. You only had to see the glee on Hilary Clinton's face at the torture (including anal rape with a knife) and shooting  point blank of Mu'ummar Gaddafi on camera, to know we are being ruled by the sickest people since Nero.

The Banksters can't operate with independant thinkers not bowing to their cartel. This is why they murdered Gaddafi. It's really about financial control and moving 144 tons of Libyan gold into the hands of the City Of London (Bank of England), The US Federal Reserve (Rothschild & Goldman Sachs) and the Bank Of International Settlements (BIS) Switzerland.

Do your own research - Rothschilds Trillionaire Warmakers

Think for yourselves - We are in a 1984, double speak, hypocritical neo-fascist dictatorship where democrasy now means the US and its Global Bankster backers have media trained we the people to believe killing those who oppose their views is good and righteous for us.

Act in the name of humanity and peace against the use of violence. 400 Billionaires are ruining the planet,  and want to destroy the middle classes and bring back serfdom.

 Fukishima is much worse than we are being told.  Yet our Governments continue to lie and cover up on behalf of the Nuclear Energy Industry Lobbyists. Another instrument of the Neocon/Zionist/Fascist ruling class.

Study on line about economic history and who was behind the financing of World War One and World War Two. Remember if you say nothing, soon you  will get nothing but war, misery and slavery while the one per cent profit mentally, socially and financially at your family's expense. THE WORLD DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!
This is the time of the abyss. We either stand together or fall into it on the next 12 to 18 months. It is a pity so few will see our children's future for what it is.